Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yosemite National Park...at Last !

Back, way way back in 1960, I wrote a report for school on Yosemite National Park.  Been reading about and watching documentaries on this park ever since.  Yeah, I know.  It’s about time I managed to visit.

Met a few challenges enroute, but last Wednesday  Liberty, Big Red, Thorn and myself pulled up to the entrance.   Paid my $10 and became the proud owner of a National Parks Senior Pass.   I’ve been eligible for several months, but was determined to make the purchase ONLY at Yosemite.  
El Portal Entrance.  Looked very Small!
May is earlier enough in the travel season, that I should have no problem getting a camping spot.  Or so I thought.   Brain damage apparently comes with retirement.  It was all the ranger could do to keep from laughing out loud when I innocently said “I’d like a camping spot for a fifth wheel for two days.”  
“You mean for tonight?”  she said politely.
“Yes. Please.”   Here is where her professionalism kicked in as she patiently pointed out the list of names a page and a half long of people like myself who were hoping to get lucky.  No room.

Okay.  So at least I’m here and I’ve already spotted Bridal Veil Falls

Yosemite Falls

This red wing blackbird posed 4 feet away as if to say “Take my picture!”

Now all I have to do is find a place to park for the day and use the free park shuttle bus to get visit the rest of the sites, and the trailhead to make a lovely day hike closer to Half Dome.   The keepers of Yosemite have worked hard to maintain its natural beauty.  Minimum sized roads, tiny little parking lots tucked into trees.  It only took an hour to find a spot big enough that I could park.  Whew.  Off to the bus stop – I’ll go straight for half dome.  Backpack, hiking stick and dog in hand I see the bus approach. 
“Sorry lady.  Dogs are not allowed on buses.”

Still.  We can walk anywhere we want, along handy paths… packed with tourists and bicycles (honk honk passing on your right.  Beep beep passing on your left).   Thorn tangles in the walking stick and eagerly tries to greet everyone he sees with a lunge and a leap.    Tiring and a bit dangerous, the plan is scrapped.   Back to Liberty.  It’s okay, I think.  I did see some of Yosemite and another visit can be planned.

On the way out of the park I spot a place with parking, right in front of El Capitan.   A big meadow perfect to let an energetic puppy burn off some energy,  lots of photogenic views for me.

So I have crossed Yosemite off my Bucket List.


  1. Glad you made it! It is still on our list:)

  2. Wahoo - beautiful photos! It's on my bucket list as well.

    You should appreciate this, if you haven't already seen it:

  3. LOL sorry you didnt get to stay,but you made the best of it, we stayed in a town nearby and drove thru then stayed in a town nearby the other end....It was a great park but very crowded when we were there with foreign visitors...
    Better PHONE ahead for Yellowstone, Im sure its the same. WE got lucky and drove up and got a cabin for 2 days just like that,..it was a miracle!!

  4. Glad that you got to enjoy it a little bit after you have been looking forward to seeing it for so long.

  5. Hope to make Yellowstone someday......for now we will enjoy your pictures!