Friday, May 25, 2012

Red and Blue

McMinnville Oregon.  

Been here a week visiting with friends and shopping for a new-to-me truck.  Big Red is a fine machine, but the fifth wheel  I’ve been asking him to pull is near the top of his abilities and he is 17 years old.   He is officially retired.

Introducing  Ramses.

He is a 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 ¾ ton with a Cummins Diesel engine.  I’m told by guys who know these things that Ramses will pull Liberty “as if it wasn’t there.”    I don’t know that yet, as I’m still trying to get the hitch installed.  I won’t go into the long sad story in detail. The RV shop mis-quoted (under of course),  didn’t include all the required parts, etc.

I filled Ramses tanks today for the first time.  OMG!   Pump shock.   The trip computer indicated 708 miles to empty and that does NOT take into account the 30 gallon auxiliary tank.   Full tanks on Big Red were good for 240 miles.  I think I’m going to like diesel just fine.

On the bright side.  Today it didn’t rain and it was a comfortable mid-70’s day.   Oregon is a beautiful state, especially when the sun shines.  If you haven't been, try to visit.   

For my desert friends I’ve included this pix of a county road crew cutting down trees that grow so fast they cause problems with power and phone lines.

In this area of 4 feet by 10 feet I counted 15 different plants – growing wild and free.   All that rain creates unrelenting green.


  1. OH....its a beauty!! Lots of 780 miles on one tank and not counting an additional 30 gallons???? Holy Octane!!
    I am thinking of trading both mine in for something I cant really afford to keep 2 running...I love the van, Its a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 but its a little whimpy OFF road as I discovered something like that one with 4 wheel drive, and a big back seat for my doggies that will pull my....WHAT ever I get trailer for my BIG retirement party in 1220 days!!

  2. After catching up on your blog, I think you made the right decision on the new truck. You have been amazingly calm about your breakdowns. And you're so right, life on the road is always an adventure. You're a natural for this.

  3. Delighted to find your blog. Am fascinated with your flying as you live my fantasy and memories of flying with my husband years ago in the East. Wonder what's happening with your "Grey Eagles"?

    Guess you're on the ground for now -- passed right by me on the I10 coming out of AZ through Blythe headed to 210 which is near me, too. Hope your trip continues to be enjoyable with no more vehicle issues. Dog looks cute -- not familiar with the breed, but sounds like he will be quite active!