Saturday, October 6, 2012


Nope.  The plane is fine.  Spent an extra 2 weeks in Washington getting my prop overhauled and one blade replaced.  While this work was underway, Path’s annual was done.  This involved major repairs to the exhaust system, new ELT battery, and brake pads.   The total check was over $5,000.  Thus, I am Grounded.  I’ve got a perfectly good airplane and no spare money for fuel.   AOPA has a program underway to increase General Aviation flying and get more people to start flying.  They ask current pilots what can be done.  I’ve got one good answer.  GET FUEL AFFORDABLE!

Since new flying adventures will not be on the agenda until November, I’ll relate stories of past flights.

San Carlos Apache P13

During my quick trip back to AZ at the end of June, my neighbor, Keith was spending some time at his AZ home, so we decided to visit an airport I’d had on my list of “places to fly to”.    The direct route would lead me over Phoenix Sky Harbor International so I pointed Path SE, still in Class B space, but to the south of South Mountains and thus well out of Heavy (commercial jets) traffic.    

The airport is located on the Apache reservation about 8 nm SE of the town of Globe, Bésh Baa Gowąh – “place of metal” in the Apache language.   The town is just another small town from the air, but the Blue Ball copper mine is impressive.   Mine and tailings ponds cover a lot of acreage.



Here are Keith and Thorn, who thoroughly enjoyed our explorations on the ground. 

Upon landing, I taxied over to a tie down area near what appeared to be a part-time FBO of sorts.  The airport was very quiet and had an air of abandonment.   Wanting to stretch our legs we walked west following the boundary fence and about mid-field came across a large parking area with vault toilets and a handy gate to the casino across the road.   It was our opinion that a flight for a meal at the casino would be an outing to consider in future.   The flight is under one hour, the temperature 10 or more degrees cooler than Buckeye.   Some appealing hills across the runway called for hiking exploration.


  1. Sorry to hear about your maintenance (and, thus, cash flow woes) and I commiserate. I think I'm on track to fly the fewest number of annual hours in eight years.

    The photos on of the mine, on the other hand, are way cool!

  2. I guess that is a really expensive way to go - you really have to love it. Our RV only gets about 7 mpg, but we don't go very far or very fast. Interesting seeing Globe from the air.

  3. Well best to have a safe well maintained plane when the time comes that you can fly it! Awesome panoramic shots of that mine although its such a horrid destruction to the land..:o(

  4. This just gives you more time to plan and dream up new adventures. I am sure that you will be on the move again soon. You can't keep a good woman and her plane down!

  5. Sorry you're grounded. My husband and I were grounded years ago back East when we made some career changes, geographical moves and started a family. He was the pilot and just never got back to flying. Fun the five years we flew and would have been great once we came West.

    Great view of the mines. Recall a driving trip we took and saw Beebe's copper mine -- later closed when copper so cheap -- but maybe they've reopened now. Those gargantuan trucks in the pits looked like toys from the roadway because the pit so deep.

    We hear so much about fuel efficient cars, moving away from gas -- are their plans to do the same with aircraft? I'll have to ask blogger Cop Car.