Thursday, July 26, 2012

Relaxation and Exploration

A road of 58 miles out of Fairbanks ends at Chena Hot Springs. 
You want to go further south, it’s get into a Super Cub on tundra tires and take off on this strip.  

Four departed while we were there – my daughter could not believe planes would take off with clouds sitting on hilltops.  I assured her these pilots know the area and are confident of a positive outcome.  This native pilot reluctantly posed for the tourist, after warning me to be aware of the prop.  I don't think he believed my "I'm a pilot" statement.
For $10 you can soak in the sandy bottom pool as long as you want.  We stayed for hours, took a lunch break, and soaked some more.   The sprinkler provides a refreshing shower of cooler water.


This input pipe provided a free deep tissue massage.  Felt really wonderful on feet and back.

This delightful iron dragon has propane in his belly and on special occasions spits fire as a proper dragon should.
With 24 hour light, flowers grow and bloom in profusion.  This bunch grows in an old gold mining scoop.

What arguably is the wildest, most natural state in the union is populated by a lot of people who seem to have no appreciation or respect for their surroundings.   The majority of homes I’ve seen are ill-kept with yards piled with possessions (junk).   Out along the Chena River, which should be a place for the city folks to enjoy nature, are scenes like this.
Driving with my daughter in her jeep we had to navigate around glass bottles and other potentially dangerous bits.   The sad thing is that residents of Fairbanks do not have to pay anything to go to the dump!  Yet they drive out into nature to throw garbage into their world. Sad.


  1. I found Alaskans to be a bit stand offish..but oh well they consider us as interlopers when we lower 48ers come a tromping on their land..
    I found the 24 hr daylight to be hard to deal with I barely slept the whole time I was there...We put towels over the windows to provide darkness...
    At Denali park it was very cloudy so we slept in the tent pretty well...under grey darkness, and some rain.

  2. I would have thought Alaskans would be more environmentally conscious. Maybe they just don't realize what they have like when we moved to AZ and spent every weekend traveling all over. Many lifelong residents just took the land around them for granted. Maybe that's how most of us view the familiar where we've always lived or grown up and only tourists or visitors from other places recognize what's special.

  3. That is strange about the trash problem. I have yet to see Alaska.